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When you first go to, you’re immediately greeted with detailed photos of stunning architecture, luxurious fashion, and must-visit spots in “the most beautiful city in the world” – Paris. This is how Victoria describes the city as I’m interviewing her, and I must agree. There’s something quite magical and romantic about the cobblestone streets, cozy buildings, and golden light that seems to paint the city like the many artists who found their calling there. After all, people often mistakenly call it the city of love (rather than the city of lights, its given name) for a reason.

Growing up in Tanzania, Victoria quickly found a love for travel and upon studying in Paris, found the place she wanted to make her home base; somewhere she wished to return to again and again. While a career in business, and the business of fashion more specifically, is what drew Victoria to the city, she found a love for the tourism industry as well and felt inspired to combine the two worlds. Thus, was born.

Victoria Majule

Victoria is dedicated to living sustainably and ethically as she pursues partnerships with ethical and sustainable brands and companies. She says, “Sustainability for me is more about preserving the climate and being conscious, or being aware of how we impact the environment.” Paris is highly innovative and progressive when it comes to finding and creating sustainable and ethical solutions. With their Green Key hotel ratings, unique priority of turning grocers into zero-waste markets, and appreciation for capsule wardrobes, it is very clear that, as with most things, Paris is once again ahead of the trend.

While Paris is stunning and the looks Victoria styles are elegant, classy, and timeless, there’s something to be said for the magic she herself possesses. Creating YouTube videos on everything from proper etiquette to wardrobe essentials to evenings spent in the city, she’s poised herself as a mentor, stylist, and travel guide as opposed to a one-dimensional influencer. Her warm and personable personality shines through her content and it feels as though she’s sharing in a conversation with an old friend. 

Victoria Majule

"Just know that you are unique being you, and we need you to do what you can do the way that you can do it."

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Bethanie Ashton


Before the age of 10, Bethanie was already developing as an artist with writing classes, illustration, dance, theatre and piano. Later, clients from fashion, real estate and corporate sectors rounded her creative, technical and social media writing skills. Naturally, her artistic interests transposed onto film and production. Today, Bethanie hosts and produces interviews with international lifestyle brands and contributes to SNEZNY travel magazine.






Culinary classes
Wine tastings
Ranch activities
Artistic workshops
Fashion excursions
Architectural tours


Family etiquette
Romantic interlude
Activity centered
Artists retreat


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