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Social media platforms were designed to be addictive, writes McLean Hospital – a Harvard Medical School Affiliate – and are associated with anxiety, depression and even physical ailments.

According to the Pew Research Center, 69% of adults and 81% of teens in the U.S. use social media. This puts a large amount of the population at an increased risk of feeling anxious, depressed, or ill over their social media use.

No matter the season, there’s no better time than the present for Spring Cleaning your social follows. If you’re harnessing an ethical, seasonless or vintage closet, here are some of our favorite do-gooders who are sharing valuable tips. Their homegrown, wholesome grams will soon have you on your way to living a little cleaner, clutter-free and with circularity in closer reach:

Stephanie @thestylebungalow

She has been a girl on our radar for the last few years and as we have watched her feed evolve, it has strayed from the rest with elegance, maturity and a flirtatious bob that we totally crush. Stephanie Hill is a dancer and lifestyle writer, whose West Palm Beach (FL) climate induces resort and swim collections all year round. The newlywed has taken to renovating a studio loft with an air of minimalism and grand sculptures, tranquil garden dinner parties, cascading curtains and a cleansing palette of nature set against hues of milk foam and treacle. Stephanie has partnered with ethical luxury brands like Sezane, Ulla Johnson and Rosie Assoulin though is equally passionate about supporting indie, South American brands such as Coco Shop (Antigua), Stella and Amelia (Ecuador) and Carolina Herrera (Venezuela).

Darya @ethicalandeasy

Swedish blogger, Darya is a Licensed Psychologist who promotes mental health awareness. As an environmentally assertive vegan, she curates conscious outfits and entwined in her lifestyle photographs, where she features ethical brands like Under Protection, Wanner and Tawast, are insightful posts about human behavior, brand negligence and environmental racism. She advocates human and environmental justice, while educating us all to adopt the same actions of digital activism. Her Instagram feed feels to us like crushed walnuts, orange peel and chocolate croissants (warm hues) though sets a pretense and purpose, for ethics not aesthetics.


Jen @jen.griswold

She is an all-rounded content maker and produces her work in beautiful outdoor settings, from forest scenes to the beach and sunflower fields. Jen supports fair-trade and slow-fashion brands like Marylana, Fin&Vince and St. Roche and the natural tones of the garments she wears makes for a trans seasonal wardrobe (aka buy less, waste none). Inspired by Jen’s edits, you’ll find you have an abundance of outfits to style and coordinate – rather than the fear of ‘oh my bleep, I’ve absolutely nothing to wear’ [while staring at a closet crammed with the latest items from years ago) moments.

Brittany @somegirlbrittany

We love the dreamy locations and ethical female-owned brands Brittany introduces us to. Her aesthetic is bohemian, nostalgic and full of wonderment. From the meadows in sun scorched Kentucky where you’ll find her hanging out pretty laundered pastels and packing a picnic of ripe organic fruit, to island beaches… where dripping swimsuits a la Prism, Belle and Toast Swim are strung to dry out on mystical clothes lines overlooking clear, rippling shallow waters.

Molly @millymollymae

British blogger, Molly shares with us her vegan life in a calm, muted palette. You’ll not be overcome by a daily array of new outfits, instead Molly promotes fashion rental like and plastic-free bathroom products like voted BEST new hair care by Marie Claire UK. Molly’s side hustle is Ethical Crystals and she demonstrates how a slow-lifestyle adds to your inner (and outer) glow!

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Social media platforms were designed to be addictive, writes McLean Hospital and are associated with anxiety, depression and even physical ailments. Spring Clean your social activities and refocus your intentions on holistic.