Our travel adventure began in 2018, after an event that could be better described as a dark fairytale, occurred during our first minutes of bonding as a family of 3.

Three months later, our waterfront unit was packed into cases and we flew across the ocean to Rome. The twins were raised tech-free in the provincial countryside during a pandemic, and once the masquerade had ended, our journey through ruinous and regal Italy began.


Three distinct personalities with a magnitude of divine feminine energy, woven together with a geeky sense of humor and down-to-earth values of respect, compassion & gratitude… at least, this is what “pre-school” prioritized!

Sanagi Mini Bag Black Silk by Kikiito
Sanagi Mini Bag Black Silk by Kikiito


Follow our exploration of regional Italian craftsmanship, honed over centuries. Learn about the artists, join a LIVE atelier tour with us, or shop their products here in the magazine

Sanagi Mini Bag Black Silk by Kikiito


It begun with a needle & thread

“We have been working with the firm for over 15 years. They handle all of our company needs and we’ve never been let down. Highly recommended.”

Phillis Reed

Gloritech Inc., VP Operations


Bethanie Ashton Spring 2023

“Spring began in Paolo Sarpi, Milan's hip Chinatown district - pleasantly void of Italian venues. I was able to reminisce in Asian culture, their sweet & tangy flavors away from starchy carbs, and enjoy being the only blue-eyed redhead in the neighborhood."

Flower adorned, Crumbling Cafés & Exquisite Michelin Ristorante

Bethanie Ashton


Bethanie ashton

In 2018 I became a mom to identical twin girls. My family lineage ran ordinarily singular, there were no records of twins. Having been diagnosed with PCOS, some earlier symptoms of Endometriosis, and several years of Amenorrhea (no monthly bleeding), my reproductive unit was questionable at best. On Sunday 11 November, Ariélle and Freyja arrived, small and healthy. That was the day I held my life’s greatest gifts.

Before that day, I had purchased and renovated investment properties, built a short-term property rental empire, and pursued a small acting career while my daily grind was Fashion PR, Media and Technology.


Giulio Abbate GM Italy Luxury Travel

travel designers


As a seasoned travel director having served 15 years in travel design, Giulio is the General Manager of Italy Luxury Travel. His network includes more than 2,000 travel partners nationally. 


Jenna Coates

X Graduated from Fashion Design at the prestigious IED Paris. Together we develop patterns for our conscious fashion label, ASHTON, and featuring custom artisan details with local artists. 

ready to visit italy?

Do you like polish and prestige, or hands on, rustic and raw? Share with me your ideal % mix of cuisine, fashion and art, and regions of interest & I will design a bespoke travel visit for you. 

Travel experiences can be planned for individuals, corporate groups, families, and or with a private chauffeur and host.

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