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White Dinner Trouser


The White Dinner Trouser are constructed from cotton flax (linen) in an ecru color and feature a generous wide leg, white leather belt and sit comfortably on the waist. They are fastened by a concealed clip and zipper at the centre front. Ideal for a summer cocktail soirée, boardroom meetings or gently scroll into your suitcase for a coastal vacation.

Provides one girl with 2 months school scholarship


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True to size
Cotton Linen Leather
While cotton and flax (linen) are organic fibers, traditional agriculture has led to over farming (drought, famine, death) and the use of pesticides (poison). For instance, it takes some 5,200 gallons of water to produce a basic tee and pair of jeans. The good news is that regenerative agriculture is on the rise, including major cotton growing regions like India and the U.S. These trousers (minus the zipper) is biodegradable.
Primari was an experimental brand out of Australia. Between 2017 and ’18, the brand produced a capsule collection that featured flax linen and leather. ONE30M has a limited inventory of Primari garments as part of our Samples collection.

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