Venus Brass Choker


The Venus Brass Choker is hand cast using recycled brass. It is handmade by artisanal metal workers in Kenya.  This statement choker features a keyhole molding at the front, where you might style a neck chain, silk lace ties or feathers to cover the chest. There are a multitude of ways to style this piece – share your style with ONE30M and show off your creative flair!

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Diameter (10.5cm) Length (4.3cm) 88 grams
Recycled brass
Local collections of metal hardware are melted in a kiln to reimagine Adéle Dejak designs. The process is handworked by skilled metal workers to recycle and eliminate waste.
Adéle Dejak is a Nigerian-born artist whose eponymous jewelry collection is produced in Kenya. Materials are recycled from tribal costumes and repurposed into high end, statement jewelry and wearable art. Coveted by stylists and media personalities, Adéle has also collaborated with Samsung, Salvatore Ferragamo and the AFI (Africa Fashion International).

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Venus Brass Choker