Alexandra Hakim

Silver Knotted Arrow Earrings


Sustainable luxury earrings by Lebanese-London designer, Alexandra Hakim.

The earrings are made from recycled silver, featuring hammered arrows and golden knots that symbolize overcoming hardships along the way.

Each piece is made exclusively by hand, and will therefore have its own unique characteristics.

  • Silver
  • 18K Gold Earring Posts
  • Length: 8cm
  • Repurposed and found metals
  • Handmade

Lead Time: Please allow 2 weeks from date of order, as Alexandra Hakim is strictly made to order

Provides one girl WITH


 months of 



2 weeks
Reclaimed metal
Repurposing existing, virgin materials reduces carbon impact and waste in the environment.
Alexandra Hakim is a sustainable, handmade jewelry label established in 2017. From outside Beirut, the artisanal brand innovates craftsmanship by reclaiming heavy metals, and merging various cultural influences.

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Silver Knotted Arrow Earrings