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Seagrass Slides


The Seagrass Slides feature handwoven cotton canvas that covers the bridge of the foot, with an accent of natural seagrass and a timber block kitten heel. They measure 12mm from the floor and are an easily wearable summer sandal with a little extra drama!

Provides one girl with 2 months school scholarship


XS = US 7 S = US 7.5 M = US 8 L = US 8.5 XL = US 9
Seagrass Handwoven cotton Timber block heel
Seagrass is a natural fiber that grows beside coastlines. When dyed and treated, it takes longer to decompose. The timber block heel is also a natural fiber. These slides are biodegradable.
In 2017, Ali Daniel Flores and Victor Olmos founded Olmos y Flores. Within their first year, they had created a trademark sombrero that would receive international acclaim. Olmos y Flores is a Mexican ready-to-wear and resort brand that has a very clear vision to disrupt and remove stigmas about Mexico, preserve ancient techniques by creating opportunities for local artisans.

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