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Laundry Basket Natural


The laundry basket is made from ethically sourced elephant grass within the African continent, handmade by skilled artisans over 36 hours, and embossed with Sarep + Rose emblem.

Experience the beauty and functionality of our handwoven and hand-dyed baskets, crafted with care in Ghana, West Africa. With thick and sturdy leather handles, these baskets make it easy to carry heavy loads without compromising on style.

  • Elephant grass
  • Leather handles
  • Approximately 36 hours of artisanship goes into every handbag
  • High-quality materials sourced within the African continent
  • Handmade by artisans in regional communities

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Leather is sourced ethically, treated with a natural dying process and strict water management system, within the African continent. While leather takes approximately 10-50 years to decompose when treated with natural drying and tanning, this is a natural, biodegradable product.

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Laundry Basket Natural