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Ruby Silk Dress


The Ruby Dress is made from a sheath of pure silk and features a plunging V neckline that can be slipped off the shoulder and 1700th century puff sleeves. It can be cinched at the waist with a thick silk sash or worn loosely. Any which way, this gown will billow in the breeze and turn every head. Available in an array of vibrant colors.

Provides one girl with 22 months school scholarship


Relaxed fit
Silk is an organic fiber produced by the silk worm, though its production process is rather grim. By boiling cocoons, workers remove silk coils and discard the cocoons along with the worms that had been hard at work spinning silk inside. Ahisma, or ‘peace silk’ allows silk worms to spin harmoniously without interfering with their quality of life. This dress is wholly biodegradable.
Highly regarded as one of Beirut’s top haute couture brands, Rima Cherfane was established in 2014 by its namesake designer. Its after-hours collection is romantic, feminine and voluminous. It features premium silk, boning and framed full skirts. Rima Cherfane employs local artisans, sources its appliqué and embroiderers locally and is proudly made in Lebanon.

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