Agnes Bethel

Pat Royal Red


Anniversary Collection Special Edition

For those who like to be a little ‘extra’, Pat is vivacious and free spirited. Inspired by Studio 54 glitz and glamour Pat is mesmerizing versatile and sexy. Her over-sized plush bow paired with metallic gold her cut outs add a bold unparalleled look. Prepare for endless compliments.

This shoe is a limited edition. Final restock.

  • Ultra-soft velvet and soft leather 
  • Over-sized tie-up ankle bow
  • Heel measures 116mm / 4.57 inches 
  • Lamb leather lining and hard leather sole
  • Handcrafted in Italy
  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL

Provides one girl WITH


 months of 



True to Size See our International Size Chart XS = US 6 S = US 7 M = US 8 L = US 9 XL = US 10
Product will be dispatched promptly upon order
Leather and Suede
While leather is biodegradable, once tanned and treated, takes between 75-100 years to fully decompose. As well, traditional tanneries use a ton of chemicals in vats to color dye and then treat leather. If you’re an animal fan like we are, you’re well aware that culling animals for their leather and fur is an ancient tradition. Ethically sourced leather, however, comes from animals that have been “humanely” used for their meat while technology has allowed us to recreate leather fibers from ocean plastic waste, fruit peel and discarded salmon skin. Before you buy leather, ask about its tanning process (natural dyes) and origin (ethically-sourced). Agnes Bethel works with Italian leather tanneries that are REACH certified, which means that the highest standards of ethical and environmental efficiencies are met
Agnes Bethel shoes are exclusive, hand-crafted from the best Italian leathers so you can walk with purpose, create memories and live authentically.

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