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Palapa Gigantic


The Palapa Gigantic is the original sombrero that took the world by storm back in 2017. Modeled by Bella Hadid and featuring in an editorial alongside Jacque Mus, the Palapa Hat was worn with little else. And nor does it need be. An entertaining arched brim completely shields the face from the sun, while the classic raw edge adds a laid back aesthetic. Handmade by artisans in Mexico, celebrating all that is historically Mexican.

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Palm straw
Seagrass and palm straw are renewable fibers that grow beside the ocean and or tropical climates. They are a popular material for weaving bags, hats, baskets, floor rugs and other household goods. As a naturally occurring fiber, this product (minus its hardware) is biodegradable.
In 2017, Ali Daniel Flores and Victor Olmos founded Olmos y Flores. Within their first year, they had created a trademark sombrero that would receive international acclaim. Olmos y Flores is a Mexican ready-to-wear and resort brand that has a very clear vision to disrupt and remove stigmas about Mexico, preserve ancient techniques by creating opportunities for local artisans.

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