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Montparnasse Silk Ouvert


The Lovers of Montparnasse tie-side pant is unbelievably sensual. Featuring sumptuous silk satin and adorned with couture French Leavers Lace- appliquéd by hand in the UK – this romantic and seductive tie-side pant is lined with silk and fastens with pure silk ribbons at both sides. Inspired by Paris, made in the UK.

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Silk satin Silk French lace
Pure silk is produced by family run workshops in the UK while French Leavers lace is loomed by hand by artisans in France. This garment, like Gilda & Pearl’s entire collection, is prepared in small batch. Made entirely from natural fibers, this garment is biodegradable.
Gilda & Pearl is committed to preserving specialist skills that have been passed down through generations in the United Kingdom. They maintain a low impact carbon footprint and stock levels to a minimum, by working with small, female-run ateliers in the EU. Sustainable raw materials are used at every opportunity and dyes only when necessary. Fabric selection is based on factors such as whether the fabric can last a lifetime, and whether it will biodegrade at the end of its lifecycle. Gilda & Pearl use trims such as French Leavers lace – an incredibly intricate fabric, slowly woven on 19th century lace looms… only a few of these looms remain in the world! Feathers are supplied by a specialist UK-based family business and are byproduct from the food industry. Every piece is produced in adherence with UK labor and environmental laws and regulations from start to finish, without exception. Gilda & Pearl works with UK-based, family run silk suppliers who have committed to an ethical code of conduct. All dyeing and processing is kept at a minimum in compliance with REACH, and natural, un-dyed silks are used for bridal ranges. When fabrics must be dyed, it is done in small quantities within the EU wherever possible.

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Montparnasse Silk Ouvert