Mannat Gupta

Leather Lewk Ribbed Bandeau


Style and comfort go hand in hand with this military gold crop top. ConStructed in artificial leather, the bandeau is handpleated all around which adds a beautiful texture and depth to the piece. The top features metal zip closures on both sides which makes it completely detachable. Pair the piece with our military gold pants for a monochrome vibe.

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Vegan leather
Polyester is a (man-made) synthetic fiber that is prevalent in the fashion industry due to its versatility and durability. However, in order to produce virgin polyester and other synthetics, the treatment process uses harmful and deadly chemicals and requires fire (further toxic emissions) to incinerate disused products. The good news is that the up-cycling movement has sped up over the last 5 years using science and technology to recreate unethical textiles like silk and leather. Consider renting out your closet when you’re ready to retire your new garment. Visit
Mannat Gupta is a contemporary label born out of the desire to dress our eternal muse: inspiring women around the globe who symbolize strength and simplicity.

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Leather Lewk Ribbed Bandeau