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Lagarde Leather Ankle Boot


The Lagarde Leather Ankle Boot is made from sheepskin leather and handcrafted by cobblers in South Korea. It features a cushioned footbed, leather lining, insole and upper. Built on a classic tortoise shell sculpted heel with a pointed toe and eyelet detail at the ankle, which can be worn up or folded down. Designed with purpose for all-day wear, rather than single use, taking you from office to dinner.

Heel Variants
1.6 inches
(or, 40mm)

2.8 inches
(or, 70mm)

NB. send your choice of Heel Height upon order

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  • NOIR

Provides one girl WITH


 months of 



XS = US 6 S = US 7 M = US 8 L = US 9 XL = US 10
While leather is an organic textile, once treated and tanned, takes between 75-100 years to fully decompose. Your shoes (minus the heel block and hardware) is biodegradable. More about the source of its leather (coming soon).
Ashley Lim is a luxury brand that specializes in leather footwear for women. It employs cobblers from a workshop in South Korea and focuses on small batch production. Its products are designed with purpose, to serve women with all-day wear, rather than single use. Ashley Lim is as much about comfort and wearability as it is about original, timeless design.

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Lagarde Leather Ankle Boot