Jasmim Kimono


The exquisite Jasmim Kimono has been lovingly handcrafted from recycled denim sourced within Europe, and lined in premium vintage silk. Local female artisans hand embroider floral detailing to the collar, lapel, kimono sleeve, detailed belt and belt intricate loop holes. The Jasmin features a palette of green, violet and gold against a medium denim blue.

As this is a custom order, this garment is not available for refund.

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Relaxed fit
2 weeks
Vintage Silk (lining), Cotton (embroidery and recycled denim)
While cotton is an organic fiber, traditional agriculture has led to over farming (drought, famine, death) and the use of pesticides (poison). For instance, it takes some 5,200 gallons of water to produce a basic tee and pair of jeans. The good news is that regenerative agriculture is on the rise, including major cotton growing regions like India and the U.S. This kimono of silk, recycled denim and cotton is wholly biodegradable.
Artisan work inspired Luizas&Co to adopt traditional Portuguese techniques and translate them into avant-garde pieces. Female founded and established in 2017 by Suzana Magalhães, the Luizas&Co brand collaborates with local artists to adorn their collections in embroidery, weaving and beading. Supporting female artists, Luizas&Co is produced wholly in Portugal and invests in the training of the next generation of young women to preserve ancient techniques. The brand issues limited edition, conscious and handmade qualities that are high in demand in a post-Covid era.

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Jasmim Kimono