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Ifinomi Mule

The Ifinomi Mules are made from 100% organic cotton from a loom (upper), while the lining comes from ethically sourced (byproduct) calf leather and is tanned using vegetable dyes with medicinal virtues. The sensible thick mid-heel creates comfort and summer wearability, especially when one is roaming through a coastal European town in the summer.

Heel height 2 1/8 inch (or, 55mm)

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Organic Cotton 100% Ethically Sourced Leather
Ethical leather has been tanned using vegetable dyes (no chemical content). More about the heels -coming soon. Organic cotton has been loomed locally, colored using plant-dyes applied by hand. Due to the natural treatment process, the expected compostable timeline is 50-75 years.
Gigi Koko products are handmade by long-standing relationships with a team of local shoe makers. Leathers are sourced ethically from suppliers in Tuscany and whenever required, tanned using vegetable dyes. Honoring the principals of slow fashion, dyes for prints are prepared by boiling bark leaves and roots and are applied to organic cotton (loomed locally) by hand.

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Ifinomi Mule