Sarep + Rose

Fish Skin Leather Sandal


The fish skin sandals are made from ethically sourced leather from within the African continent, handmade by skilled artisans over 36 hours, and embossed with Sarep + Rose emblem.

Crafted by hand in Nairobi using high-quality Kenyan leather with a sleek finish, this product boasts a unique fish leather upper. The design is clean and simple, allowing the bold fish leather strap to shine and become a standout feature of the piece.

  • Fish skin leather
  • Women’s sizes run small, order 1 size up
  • High-quality materials sourced within the African continent
  • Handmade by artisans in regional communities
  • Black
  • Black + White
  • Caramel + White
  • XS
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL

Provides one girl WITH


 months of 



XS = US 7 S = US 7,5 M = US 8 L = US 8,5 XL = US 9
Shipped within 3 days of payment
Leather is sourced ethically, treated with a natural dying process and strict water management system, within the African continent.
While leather takes approximately 10-50 years to decompose when treated with natural drying and tanning, this is a natural, biodegradable product.
Sarep + Rose is a lifestyle brand focused on merging style and function with social impact. Its vision is to grow a brand that moves Africa towards becoming a global manufacturing hub by generating honest and sustainable work opportunities for employees, businesses and artisans across the continent.

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Fish Skin Leather Sandal