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Driving South Jumpsuit by Marli


Exclusive the Driving South by Marli is a tailored jumpsuit beautifully contoured for the feminine form. Made from organic linen and exquisite hand-embroidery by female artist, Marli Blanche. Elite in style and fit with refined, functional detail, it features a deep V neckline, enforced lapel with extended tie feature and back V-shape cape. Fastened with a center back zip, and buttoning under the arm. This jumpsuit is fully lined in the front from shoulder to waist and boasts a tapered leg with cropped and cuffed hem in a truly high-end tailored finish.

Style layered over your favorite turtleneck or under a fitted blazer with pumps for the boardroom. Versatile and trans-seasonal, the Driving South Jumpsuit is a timeless, statement piece.

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Organic Linen
While linen is an organic fiber that originates from the flax plant, traditional agriculture has led to over farming (drought, famine, death) and the use of pesticides (poison). The good news is that regenerative agriculture is on the rise, including major cotton growing regions like India and the U.S. This jumpsuit is made from organic linen sourced from Australian farms and is (minus its hardware) biodegradable.
Gloria Dulcie is an ethical luxury label of a refined yet poetic nature. Established in 2015 by Alexandra Colburn, the brand is indigenous owned and production is ethically sourced within Australia. Elite tailoring, contoured lines and subtle details epitomize the label’s design ethos while an unparalleled creative vision sees Gloria Dulcie revered for cultivating a rich aesthetic within the realm of ethical fashion.

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Driving South Jumpsuit by Marli