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Butterfly Silk Skirt


The Butterfly Silk Skirt features a neat middle waist band and luxurious silk panels that flow full length the floor. Inspired by the micro study of insects, DHELA’s resort collection splashes an array of electric colors that look sharp against the Mediterranean Coast. The Butterfly Silk Skirt can be worn with a bikini at the seaside bar or its matching Butterfly Puff crop for a summer garden wedding party.

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Silk is an organic fiber produced by the silk worm, though its production process is rather grim. By boiling cocoons, workers remove silk coils and discard the cocoons along with the worms that had been hard at work spinning silk inside. Ahisma, or ‘peace silk’ allows silk worms to spin harmoniously without interfering with their quality of life.
As founder and former Creative Director of Issa, Daniella Helayel has dressed some of the most influential women in the world, including the Duchess of Cambridge. Dhela is Helayel’s new line of beautiful, bohemian dresses with an air of the exotic. Moving on from the silky cocktail numbers that made her name, the Dhela collection is a floaty, free-spirited affair, with sweeping chiffon gowns inspired by glamorous soirées in St Tropez and Marrakech.

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Butterfly Silk Skirt