Aurora is handmade from seagrass by local weavers in Portugal. It features hand embroidered ‘amor’ in grosgrain with an extended sash to tie beneath the chin. Aurora adds a touch of playfulness to the classic Portuguese sunhat that will remain in your closet for years to come.

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Seagrass, Rayon
Seagrass is a renewable fiber that grows beside the ocean. It is a popular material for weaving bags, hats, baskets, floor rugs and other household goods. As a naturally occurring fiber (minus the sash and embroidered grosgrain / rayon) this product is biodegradable.
Artisan work inspired Luizas&Co to adopt traditional Portuguese techniques and translate them into avant-garde pieces. Female founded and established in 2017 by Suzana Magalhães, the Luizas&Co brand collaborates with local artists to adorn their collections in embroidery, weaving and beading. Supporting female artists, Luizas&Co is produced wholly in Portugal and invests in the training of the next generation of young women to preserve ancient techniques. The brand issues limited edition, conscious and handmade qualities that are high in demand in a post-Covid era.

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