Our Impact


ONE30M is committed to the 130 million girls that still lack educational resources by donating our profits to the International Rescue Committee. Solving this inequity while staying environmentally ethical, we prioritize sustainability & quality in the products we sell. Paired with our advocacy for circularity, we offer educational regenerative projects, featured in éthique lifestyle magazine.

Healing Classrooms IRC

Our partners

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is active in over 40 countries. It aids refugees and asylum seekers by facilitating educational “safe classroom” programs, and medical facilities for the most vulnerable: women and children. Led by Chairman, CEO David Miliband, devoted public servant with a strong history in politics.

female founded

established in 2018 with a decade of fashion agency & film production under her belt, our founder beth macleod was compelled to use tech (saas) to tell a story. at first one30m invested in video-ai and built a broadcasting platform that allowed viewers to shop content directly from their device. too early for market adoption, macleod diverted her focus to the marketplace component of shoppable entertainment. 

“having experienced a childhood of maternal abuse & denied access to my father, i had no idea about my value as a human, as a woman.” 

one30m group contributes to female education. outside of academic programs, educating women about their self-worth and ability is equally important.

“today as a mother to twin girls, i have the opportunity to explore issues of geopolitical injustice & advocacy with my girls.. while giving them the nourishment & encouragement that I lacked as a child.”

empowering women does not start & stop in the classroom.


As a consumer marketplace our intent is radical transparency: from the economic impact by making your clothes; the environmental footprint required to prepare your chic closet; and the hundreds and thousands of girls who will receive education from your conscious purchases on our platform.

ONE30M primarily addresses the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)