George Keburia

George Keburia is a self-taught Georgian designer who launched his eponymous label in 2010 and became international stardom when he released his infamous cat-eye sunglasses in 2017. He has been nominated and awarded top talent in Tbisili and debuted at Paris Fashion Week in 2019. “His brand has evolved into a visual and thematic overload of the feminine, with a playful attitude towards exaggerated shapes, colors, and styles. He presents each collection as an idea of a woman–a character as such–with each piece conveying a narrative of the life lead beneath the material. The overtly referential pieces tap into a plethora of association for the viewer, due to the flavors of various eras running through the work, giving it a deeply nostalgic feel.” – writes Hannah Makonnen for

FOUNDER George Keburia


MADE IN Tbisili, Georgia


ECO STANDARDS Vegan, Samples



george keburia