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Established in 2013, ELuxe has become the world’s top Sustainable Luxury media platform attracting more than 250 unique monthly visitors. Reporting across fashion, environment and travel, the publisher recently ceased its print runs and is now 100% digital. 

Peruvian editor in chief, Chere di Boscio, is an animal welfare advocate and environmentalist, having served more than 20 years in journalism. Since childhood has felt an intrinsic calling for animal rescue and protection, later to study Psychology, Art and Languages.

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Chere has adopted 15 pups, who she cares for at her home outside of Lima. During the present Civil War, Chere’s decision to remain in Peru to care for her family is selfless; fetching clean water as essential supplies are cut off, and as her household goes off-grid. 

As the world’s only dedicated news platform for Sustainable Luxury, Eluxe presents breaking news, current events such as Fashion Week and COP Summits, environmental breakthroughs, emerging, artisanal fashion debuts, and mindful travel. 


In a world that is rapidly changing, where environmental issues and social responsibility are becoming more and more pressing, ELuxe Magazine offers a refreshing perspective on the concept of luxury.

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Eluxe Magazine

Introducing the world’s 1st ever sustainable luxury magazine! Eluxe magazine covers the latest eco-friendly fashion trends, sustainable travel destinations, and innovative environmental breakthroughs, all presented through engaging articles, stunning photography, and captivating videos. This treasure trove of inspiration and information is a must-read for all who seek a sustainable lifestyle.

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