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Women in developed nations have had the right to vote and work (though with considerable inequity) for less than 100 years, yet some nations still prohibit those rights. Female founders are an underfunded minority who deliver higher yields and 15% better performance results compared to male-run businesses 💡 

When we shop female-founded brands, we’re supporting another woman who has defied a myriad of obstacles in her search for equality, creative freedom and independence.

Diana Houston Gilda&Pearl


Diana Houston

Diane Houston is a London-based lingerie and sleepwear designer and Creative Director. Since graduating from the London College of Fashion, Diane has gained awards both for her work in lingerie design and for her achievements in fashion business.

Her collection is inspired by the glamor of Old Hollywood and was quickly collected by Harrods of London, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks. 

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