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Vegan goods are made from materials farmed, sourced or made without harming animals, or using animal pro. Organically farmed cotton or pineapple leather are excellent examples of vegan products


Diana Ganem

Nightswim is a Latina-owned sustainable, contemporary fashion brand focused on producing high-quality beachwear that minimize fashion’s harm to the planet and people. As a result of research, testing, developing, and strategizing how to apply principles of eco and ethical designs, Nightswim created its own terry fabric, composed of organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Nightswim’s fabrics are also made and dyed locally in Los Angeles using AZO-free dyes. Their choice in printing digitally is the most sustainable method as it utilizes the least amount of water and facilitates less than 2% fabric waste. The shipping process is also tailored to minimize the brand’s carbon footprint, while packaging materials are thoughtfully selected to support the brand’s mindful ethos. But that’s not where Nightswim’s sustainability initiatives end—Ganem supports women-led environmental non-profit organizations and prioritizes a healthy work-life balance for individuals involved, especially garment workers.

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