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Our samples are from seasons past that were modeled for editorials. Minor signs of one-time wear. They are lovingly packaged + ready for you.


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Dhela Butterfly SkirtDhela Butterfly Skirt
Butterfly Silk Skirt
The Butterfly Silk Skirt features a neat middle waist band...
Bubblegum Blouse
The Bubblegum Blouse features melodramatic puff sleeves and a sheer...
Mannat GuptaMannat Gupta
Silk Crepe Jumpsuit
Crafted using pure silk crepe this fuchsia bodysuit and pant...
Embellished Couture Tutu
This spectacular classic dress for important occasions, is enhanced by...
On the Prairie Dress
The On the Prairie Dress is a head turner. It...
Rose Silk Skirt Rachel GilbertRose Silk Skirt Rachel Gilbert
Rose Silk Skirt
The Rose Silk Skirt floats as you walk.. layer upon...
Camilla and MarcCamilla and Marc
Parrot Summer Jean
The Parrot Summer Jean are made from cotton dyed white...
Agnesa VuthajAgnesa Vuthaj
Shimmer Viktoria Mini
There are some times when a woman feels compelled to...
Chantilly Gold Cocktail Rachel GilbertChantilly Gold Cocktail Rachel Gilbert
Chantilly Gold Cocktail
The Chantilly Gold Dress wears like a glove. Chantilly lace...
Denim Teddy Jacket
In an indigo blue wash, this design features a playful...
Dhela Butterfly SkirtDhela Butterfly Skirt
Butterfly Silk Crop
The Butterfly Silk Crop is supported by an elasticated top...
Mannat GuptaMannat Gupta
Leather Lewk Trouser
Cut from artificial leather, these timeless military gold ankle-length leather...
Metallic Clutch
Metallic gold nappa leather purse with gunmetal strap that can...
George KeburiaGeorge Keburia
Fleur en Rose
The Fleur en Rose dress is made from x and...
Agnesa VuthajAgnesa Vuthaj
Merlot Suede Knee High
The Merlot Suede Knee High are made from patent leather...
Electric Silk Wrap
The Electric Silk Wrap is made from luxurious silk panels...
Sophia Silk Dress
The Sophia Silk Dress is made from delicate peace silk,...
Cecile Linen Crop
The Cecile Linen Crop is made from soft linen, designed...
Slow FactorySlow Factory
NASA Silk Scarf
The NASA Silk Scarf is made from Ahisma 'peace' silk...
Mannat GuptaMannat Gupta
Leather Lewk Ribbed Bandeau
Style and comfort go hand in hand with this military...
Rachel Gilbert


Rachel Gilbert

Founded in 2007 by Australian designer Rachel Gilbert, the brand offers intricate hand embellishment and modern designs for evening wear, social dressing and bridal.

Luxury infiltrates every element of the brand. Rachel’s distinctive signature style has contributed to revolutionize evening attire by introducing a contemporary approach to design and styling. Initiated at the designers studio, then passed to the skilled craftsmanship of artisans and finally culminated in the boutique experience where each garment is showcased.


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