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Eco-goods are those produced using low-carbon and natural processes wherever possible. While the garment industry will never be wholly “sustainable,” designers can develop better strategies around practices and processes like waste management, dead-stock reutilization, minimizing water consumption or using plant-based dyes.


Sneak Peak

A Perfect NomadA Perfect Nomad
Es Vedra
The Es Vedra jumpsuit was born in Ibiza, with an...
Ashley LimAshley Lim
Scarlett Velvet Heels
Lovingly handcrafted in soft shimmering velvet, the Scarlett is a...
Olmos y FloresOlmos y Flores
Fish Bag
Handmade in Mexico from natural palm straw, this utterly charming...
Olmos y FloresOlmos y Flores
Candy Cotton Crop
The Candy Crop is made from cotton panels that have...
Honorary Mini
Playful and romantic, the Honorary Mini frames a feminine silhouette...
Olmos y FloresOlmos y Flores
Ocean Dress
The Ocean Dress is nostalgic and give us Clueless (Alicia...
Gloria DulcieVelouria Midi
Velouria Midi
The Mimosa is an a-line crop with an adjustable tie...
Amélia BandAmélia Band
Amélia Band
The Amélia is a limited edition headband made entirely of...
Olmos y FloresOlmos y Flores
Architectural Dress
The Architecture Dress is made from cotton panels that have...
Alexandra ClancyAlexandra Clancy
Saffron Mini
The Saffron Mini is made from the finest Italian nappa...
Lea Double Mull
The Lea Double Mull Dress is made from 100% organic...
Edward MongzarEdward Mongzar
Cheyenne Marble Dress
The Cheyenne Marble is made from pure silk and marbled...
Gloria DulcieGloria Dulcie
Motion Pictures
Motion Pictures is a semi-fitted midi dress with bias cut...
Crafted from buttery soft cowhide, with a chic metallic gold...
Sanikai GiftsSanikai Gifts
Parigotte Petit Meditation Set
Beautiful floral smudge stick, handmade and wrapped with a 100%...


Jessica Kruger

Inspired by her mother’s quest of a vegan lifestyle and at 24, Jessica opened Ethos, a meat-free restaurant in London which has since become an acclaimed restaurant.

What comes naturally to any vegan is the pursuit of a more organic lifestyle including all the products one consumes. Jessica began researching environmental fashion and formed accessories line, Luxtra in 2016. Luxtra is a B Corp certified, sustainable leather brand which uses vegetable tanned rather than chemically tanned (ethically sourced) leather, and is working with non-leather materials such as pineapple, mango and apple skin. Sound like your kind of fruit cocktail?


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