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Eco-goods are produced using low-carbon & natural processes. While “sustainable fashion” is an impossibility, today’s designers are harnessing smart strategies around their practices & processes, such as waste management, dead-stock reutilization, minimizing water consumption and using plant-based dyes


Jessica Kruger

Inspired by her mother’s quest of a vegan lifestyle and at 24, Jessica opened Ethos, a meat-free restaurant in London which has since become an acclaimed restaurant.

What comes naturally to any vegan is the pursuit of a more organic lifestyle including all the products one consumes. Jessica began researching environmental fashion and formed accessories line, Luxtra in 2016. Luxtra is a B Corp certified, sustainable leather brand which uses vegetable tanned rather than chemically tanned (ethically sourced) leather, and is working with non-leather materials such as pineapple, mango and apple skin. Sound like your kind of fruit cocktail?

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