eco standards
eco standards
eco standards
eco standards
eco standards

Vegan goods are made from materials farmed, sourced or made without harming animals or including animal byproducts. Organically farmed cotton or pineapple leather are excellent examples of vegan products.

Women in developed nations have had the right to vote and work (though with considerable inequity) for less than 100 years, yet there are still nations that prohibit both those rights. Furthermore, female founders are an underfunded minority who deliver higher yields and 15% better performance results compared with male-run businesses. When we shop female-founded brands, we’re supporting another woman who has defied a myriad of obstacles in her search for equality, creative freedom and independence.

Recycled goods are produced by using manufacturing byproducts or by manipulating existing materials like ocean plastics or disused fishing nets, which can be transformed into materials like leather and ECONYL© for swimwear.

Are you a style hunter and cherish timeless pieces? Shop our Samples from seasons past: they are unworn and undamaged. Many of our Samples have only been used on photoshoots and are lovingly packaged and ready for you.

Eco-goods are those produced using low-carbon and natural processes wherever possible. While the garment industry will never be wholly “sustainable,” designers can develop better strategies around practices and processes like waste management, dead-stock reutilization, minimizing water consumption or using plant-based dyes.



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