Eco Couture and the Trailblazer Advocating Circularity



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Bethanie Ashton

Amsterdam-designer, Ronald Van der Kemp is a coveted couturier who lives and breathes eco couture. The Mind Vaccine Haute Couture of his Fall 21/22 collection was made exclusively from leftover materials – surplus textile from couture, vintage finds and manufacturing waste.

The collection explores responsible hedonism and includes RVDK exclusive CBD paste “vaccine” as part of a total sensory experience. The lookbook was captured by Marijke Aerden, starring models Britt Ensink, Cheyenne Keuben, Kim Noorda, Lou Mari and Robin Makkes. 

His early career took him to major fashion cities Paris, Milan and New York, working as creative director, consultant and chief designer for brands including Bill Blass, Barneys New York and Guy Laroche, where he succeeded (the late) Elbar Albaz. He also worked alongside Michael Kors as chief designer of ready-to-wear at Celine.

While ven der Kemp’s art has explored diversity and gender fluidity, the designer advocates the need for bio diversity in fashion; and lifestyle as a whole. His regular citations and updates on LinkedIn attest to his commitment to environmental health.

Ronald spoke with Grazia Magazine following his show in Paris in July (2021), “After working for 25 years as a designer and creative director in luxury fashion, I saw

 that the system was spinning out of control. So I had the idea to try to influence the fashion wield from the inside by doing my ethical wardrobes and trying to make sustainability sexy at the highest level; Paris couture.”

I really hoped people would realize in this past period of mindfulness that we all need to focus on buying less but better and finally build a wardrobe to underline your personality .. clothes that you bond with.” 

And Van der Kemp says of his latest CBD line, “It’s my version of a designer perfume; a designer ‘drug’ that is actually harmless and a great help towards mindfulness.”  


Quit fashion’s more, more, more addiction. Get ready for abundant couture, made from what’s deemed unusable. Get ready for diversity to become bio-diversity. To listen when nature calls. To let greed turn into empathy. To listen to the next generation. Get ready to dress yourself like you’re going to meet your worst enemy, your ex and the love of your life.” – from Ronald van der Kemp

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P3-4. Interview with Grazia Magazine July 2021


Quit fashion’s more, more, more addiction. Get ready for abundant couture, made from what’s deemed unusable. Get ready for diversity to become bio-diversity."