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Adolfo Sanchez first became interested in fashion when he began hanging out with a group of friends who had a strong passion for Avant-Garde fashion. Sanchez began watching runway shows online and quickly fell in love with creative design. They all started making costumes for the parties they would go to, and this was the beginning that sparked Adolfo Sanchez’s career journey.

As time went on, Sanchez worked in the corporate luxury retail world for brands such as Versace, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, and Carolina Herrera. It was in his time at Carolina Herrera where he had the opportunity to create a piece for a photoshoot his boss, a part-time freelance makeup artist, was working on. The two collaborated on the project as Sanchez wanted to start building a portfolio, and the rest is history.

The designer is completely self-taught and specializes in custom, made-to-order pieces. The brand is focused on empowering women through the self-expression of fashion. With attention to all of the little details and a balanced combination of edge and elegance, his designs encapsulate the perfect harmony of both feminine and masculine energy.

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In addition to his gorgeous made-to-order evening wear available on his website and in select boutiques, Adolfo Sanchez designs custom evening wear and costumes for various performers and artists in the entertainment industry. 

Adolfo Sanchez began marketing and selling his designs in 2006. The brand is focused on sustainable efforts in production, such as using eco-friendly dyes and textiles, recycling old textiles to be used in new collections, and maintaining open communication with supply chains. 

With sustainability goals in mind, and such effortlessly elegant designs, there is so much to adore about Adolfo Sanchez’s collections! 


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"The glass is not always only half full, but it's sometimes 3/4ths of the way full."

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Bethanie Ashton


Before the age of 10, Bethanie was already developing as an artist with writing classes, illustration, dance, theatre and piano. Later, clients from fashion, real estate and corporate sectors rounded her creative, technical and social media writing skills. Naturally, her artistic interests transposed onto film and production. Today, Bethanie hosts and produces interviews with international lifestyle brands and contributes to SNEZNY travel magazine.






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