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Loneliest Tree in the World Sahara

ONE30M uses technologies to bridge communities, build infrastructure + solve some of the world’s most pressing issues.  

Our Genesis

We invested in ‘touch to shop’ AI to increase merchandise capabilities in Entertainment.

Prior to launching as an eCommerce, we invested in developing a ‘touch to shop’ broadcasting platform for content + filmmakers. We scripted + produced fashion films, look books, interviews, music videos + short films. 

solution centered

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate the 130 million statistic – the number of girls in the 21st century still denied education; through building an educational platform that encourages circular living and regeneration.

Research has shown that 85% of women share new knowledge with family and friends (compared to just 15% of men). We believe that investing in girls’ education will transform entire communities, while ending oppression and liberating our gender.

We are a community of equalists who see a future of environmental and economic circularity and know that we can solve the education crisis through everyday commodities like fashion.

Mission Partners

Each month, our tithings are offered to the International Rescue Committee (www.rescue.org) with a focus on Girls’ Education. The IRC are present in over 40 countries worldwide and are responsible for the development and service of programs that benefit agriculture, education and medical facilities for hundreds of communities and refugees.


With more than enough concrete poured over our planet, we took our business online and eliminated the need for yet another stone cold warehouse… 

As an online commerce, our framework provides fluid digital processing of orders while our vendors fulfill customer deliveries and oftentimes, use DHL GoGreen.

We are resourceful and conscientious about production and vendor partners, ethical influencers and Goodwill Ambassadors, eco-locations and vegan catering, while our print materials are printed onto renewable paper.

We steer regenerative projects that welcome everyone to learn about planet health, circularity + equity so that we might attain a new-norm post-pandemic. 

How We Strengthen Brands

Our team have a combined 60 years in brand management and sustainability, art direction, film production and business management as owners and CEOs of phenomenal brands. Our core drive at ONE30M is to educate and strengthen our global economy. The industry cannot achieve sustainability unless we take responsibility in educating our clients on better environmental practices. We help build brands and products that are revolutionary. Find more about how we’re combining mindful travel and ethical fashion in a new event landscape: E3









We develop your brand journey to deepen a connection between your brand and your customers:

  • Assessment of the origins of production
  • 2 hours Content strategy
  • Storyboard for content inside your workshop
  • 4 hours video filming + editing
  • NFC Chips for your products
  • Edit video for distribution (5 social platforms)
  • Interviews with those from your supply chain
  • 6 hours hands-on content production
  • 1 email to introduce your Traceability commitment

Fashion PR Requests






Commitment 3 Months


We promote your collection to leading stylists, editors and influencers:

  • Vet accredited stylists and process requests
  • You send out only selected garments, that will be returned  within 14 days of the shoot
  • Editorial placements, social credits and brand exposure in reputable publications

Eco Transformation







We improve your brand’s impact on the environment to increase favor among Gen-YZ consumers:

  • Brand and product assessment
  • Strategy for brand recovery
  • Includes new supplier discounts
  • Access to sustainable supplier network
  • Monthly report on new materials to hit the market and Sample Kit of 5 raw materials
  • 6 hours consultative advice on product offering

Create A Journal








We devise a strategy (SEO best practices) to attract organic traffic and convert to customers. We then roll out activations:

  • Brand assessment to understand your message, audience and language ID
  • Visual storyboard strategy in line with a budget (advertorials) or no budget at all
  • Engagement with reputable + brand suited influencers and bloggers
  • 3 long-form technical articles per month 
  • 3 short-form articles per month (300 words)
  • Copy (12 posts) to paste into social media posts to announce new Journal articles
  • Design of 12 posts to announce new Journal articles on social media

E3 "su Misura" Program, Milano feb-22'




We will have your products seen during Milan Fashion Week AW22 at exclusive showings for private and Celebrity clientele:

  • Garment selection by ONE30M chief stylist
  • Exclusive, branded deluxe suite
  • Luxury sales hostess to present your story
  • Intermix with eco couture + ethical brands
  • Talent dressings and content creation
  • Customer acquisitions (other dressing enquiries) and registrations
  • Press showing
  • Private dinner soirée and runway
  • Charity Auction attendance (1 place)
  • Meet the Designer presentation
E3 Program: Ethics, Environment + Education

Regenerative Advisory

Bethanie Ashton

Bethanie Ashton

I am a community-minded visionary and creator. As a conservationist, presenter, activist and mother to twin girls, I am committed to visual storytelling by illustrating critical narratives that affect the human race and the planet we live on.

Education is a primary necessity, both on an academic and emotional level. Without knowledge, communities cannot move forward. Without emotional guidance and healing from ancestral oppression, women cannot know to cut those bonds and free the next generation.

Although I was provided a privileged education, I was born into an abusive Christian home where I was physically, spiritually and emotionally attacked. I was emotionally imprisoned through young adulthood so as not to connect with a network of intelligent, nurturing women. Upon moving to Los Angeles, I found a culture that encouraged female entrepreneurs and it changed my life.

This is my purpose, a very personal mission and a responsibility as a woman and mother to my daughters: to serve not only tiny twin girls but #one30million.

Keith Profile

Keith A. Adams

Through a mix of branding, communication and design skills, Keith has helped companies drive growth, tell their stories and sell. Collaborations include Alfred Dunhill, Baker Furniture, Bottega Veneta, Coach, David Collins, Michael Smith, Pomellato, Studio Sofield, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren. His design work has been featured in German AD, Interview, New York Magazine, Paper, The New York Times, Vogue, and Wallpaper.

Tom Meggle

Having served as Managing Director for Louis Vuitton in multiple territories such as Germany, Great Britain, South Africa and Ireland, Tom's career in the luxury retail segment spans 15+ years. Strongly influenced by environmental sustainability, Tom is building a member network to repurpose disused and underutilized structures for events and popups. Together with several associates, Momentom8 consults emerging and established luxury brands on sustainability, brand strategy, digitization and entry into the Chinese market.

Pasquale Jnr. Natuzzi

Pasquale Jnr. has injected fresh blood into the Natuzzi empire by reimagining tradition using science and technologies, including the use of plant based leather and certified renewable timbers. Before joining Natuzzi S.p.a., Pasquale founded the Secret Society as a luxury fashion network in Milano. His natural creative ability and leadership qualities, together with interests in manufacturing and technology bring a unique dynamic to our Advisory.

Creative Production

Sara Seccamonte

Sara Seccamonte

You might suppose that a natural tenacity to capture visualizations runs through her DNA, having grown up beside two photographers. Sara's technical skills were nurtured as she explored media, using the finest commercial equipment to experiment. But Sara has her own definitive style which is entirely hers to celebrate. As a young artist, Sara's first Fashion Week in Milan backstage and directing talent demonstrated her ability to engage and have fun with her subjects. Her fashion photography is coveted, sartorial by default and she uses both urban and natural landscapes to evoke a depth in storytelling.

ONE30M Believers

Lisandra Hernandez - Birmingham AL - ONE30M Believers

Lisandra Hernandez

Dir. of Memberships
Ellen Ibarra - Washington D.C - ONE30M Believers

Ellen Ibarra

Brand Manager
Faith Le Masters - L.A - ONE30M Believers

Faith Le Masters

Environmental Journalist
Ayomide Oladeji - Lagos - ONE30M Believers

Ayomide Oladeji

Ethical Luxury Curator
Lynn Al Labban - Beirut - Fashion Assistant

Lynn Al Labban

Ethical Luxury Curator
Margherita Fontana Profile

Margherita Fontana

Luxury Brand Executive


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